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MDR Construction currently has all of its resources dedicated to the restoration and rebuilding efforts in southeast Mississippi, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


In today's workplace safety must be an ever-present issue. Every job, simple and complicated has its inherit dangers. Companies, as well as their employees, must recognize these potential dangers and take the steps necessary to mitigate the risk of accidents occurring. As a powerline contractor, we take the proper precautions to ensure that our employees work safely, not only for their well-being, but also for the well-being of the general public that is served by the lines on which we work. A major part of this safety process is employee training. Employees must be trained in basic equipment operation, tool handling, and safe work practices. We train our employees in many areas including:
First Aid Bucket Rescue Traffic Control
CPR Defensive Driving Fundamentals of Electricity
Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Manual Training Bucket Truck Safety
Hazard Communications Principals of Electricity Work Zone Safety
Pole-Top Rescue Principals of Transformers Grounding Procedures

MDR Construction has always been a safety oriented company since its inception. MDR began its formal safety program in 2002. Safety was brought to the forefront to ensure that all employees were trained in safe work practices, DOT regulations, OSHA standards. In the past, MDR has hosted nationally renowned speakers such as Billy Robbins and Carl Potter.


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